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Pack daytime / sidelights (xenon white) for Opel Mokka


Pack of 2 daytime running lights (xenon white) Opel Mokka

Installation Time: 0:20

With this package, change your original "white/yellow" bulbs, and choose pure white/xenon and its elegance!

The daytime running light (DRL) pack xenon white for Opel Mokka allows you to get a pure white light on the daytime of your Mokka to give it a modern look.

Change is plug and play, ie there is no welding to do. Simply put the super white bulbs in the original holder instead of original bulbs.

Pack without OBC error.

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  • 7.90EUR
You can modify the configuration below your package according to your needs. The price will automatically change depending on the options selected. 

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- Bulbs 21W filament
- No error ODB
- No changes necessary, change is standard
- Brilliant and effective, with a pure white color
- Blue appearance bulb off

Warning: led, like all high-power light sources can damage the eye. It is advisable not to apply its light directly into the eye for an extended period.

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