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Additional LED headlights for motorcycle Kawasaki W800 Street - Long range



You can modify the configuration below your package according to your needs. The price will automatically change depending on the options selected. 

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Type of lighting
- Targeted and deep lighting
- Light beam at an angle of 30°

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Additional LED headlights for Kawasaki W800 Street, very compact, supplied with power relay harness and handlebar switch. Pure white lighting, luminous flux 1500 lumens.

Presentation of the pack

This set of additional LED headlights is ideal for an installation on Kawasaki W800 Street. Due to its small size 50x50x61 mm, it allows a discreet mounting on your motorcycle while providing a very effective pure white lighting. Its low consumption: 2 x 10W will preserve your battery in time.

The additional LED headlights pack for Kawasaki W800 Street is available in 2 types of light beams:

- Long range (spot): Light beam at a 30° angle for long and focused lighting.
- Large (flood): 60° angle light beam for wide proximity lighting.

The choice of beam type is made in the "configuration" block above.

To facilitate installation on your motorcycle, this pack also includes a relay cable that provides power and a handlebar switch for quality mounting than original type.

Composition of the pack:

- 2 additional LED lights for motorcycle
- 1 wiring harness with 40A relay and 15A protection fuse.
- 1 switch for 22 to 23 mm handlebar .
- Fixing kit.

Characteristics :

Power: 2 x 10 Watts
Luminous flux: 1500 Lumens
Number of leds: 2
Power supply: 10 to 32 Volts
Case: Aluminum
Dimensions: 50x50x61 mm
Water resistance: IP 67
Color temperature: 6000K
Homologation: CE and Rohs



We offer many mounting brackets to facilitate installation on handlebars, fork, fork fairing, motor protection, frame, bumper ... To see all mounting brackets please click here.

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we guarantee our additional LED headllights for Kawasaki W800 Street 5 YEARS!

Instruction PDF included

To assist you in installing these LEDs, the pack contains a PDF with pictures and explanations for installation on Kawasaki W800 Street.

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