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Adjustable H4 LED bulb for motorcycle


Bi LED bulb H4 with adjustable heat sink for motorcycle headlight, luminous flux of 4000 at 5500 lumens. Pure white lighting 5500K. Sold individually.


You want to switch to LED lighting for more visibility and modernize the appearance of your motorcycle, but the available space in your headlight is very small, the H4 LED bulb with adjustable heatsink is the solution.

In addition to producing high-performance pure white lighting thanks to the Premium LED chips and the chrome reflectors that make it up, the adjustable H4 LED bulb will be able to adapt to the most limited headlight optics. Its 360° swivel heat sink is composed of aluminum strips that can be modeled, so it will find its place by adjusting perfectly to the constraints of each headlight.

The adjustable H4 LED bulb is anti OBC error, its connection is "plug and play", so there is no modification to provide, you just need to replace your original halogen bulb by the adjustable H4 LED bulb.


- 4000 Lumens per H4 LED bulb
- 12 leds PREMIUM per bulb H4
- Lighting Color: Pure White 5500K
- Materials: Aviation aluminum
- Voltage: 12V and 24V
- Operating temperature: - 40 ° C to 300 ° C
- CE Standards
- Cooling: Aluminum passive heatsink
- Dimensions bulbs H4: 77 X 35 mm


Because we believe in the quality of our products, we guarantee 5 years our adjustable H4 LED bulbs!

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Customer reviews
There is 3 review
5/5 by Florian M. on 21/05/2020
Highly recommended!! You can adjust the lamp so that it shines where the light is supposed to be on the street, so that oncoming traffic is not unnecessarily dazzled. I drive this bulb with diffused glass headlights
5/5 by Thomas N. on 06/03/2019
Motorcycle mounting finally easy thanks to this model, crazy lighting, remains to see the reliability
4/5 by Fabien C. on 10/11/2018
Very good product well adapted