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Bulb Alpha-Lights Xenon D2S 4300K SUPER VISION ULTRA - Made in Germany


Alpha Lights D2S Xenon - SUPER VISION ULTRA - 4300K

Pack overview

Looking for xenon bulbs with price/quality ratio unbeatable? You want to avoid certain Chinese products for approval objectionable?

Discover bulbs Alpha Lights high quality designed and manufactured in Germany, and E11 approved.

Compatible car and trucks.

Alpha Lights D2S Xenon - SUPER VISION ULTRA - 4300K

You have any doubt about bulbs make for your vehicle? Click here to get the model that consists of bulbs your headlights. Select the type of lights (low beam, high beam or fog), and choose the model of your vehicle. You can then choose our correspondent model. Nevertheless made ??the usual checks before ordering ( more information here ).


- Type: D2S
- Fitting: P32d-2
- Color: 4300K
- Lumens: 3250 +/-15%
- Power: 35W
- Voltage: 85V
- Quality manufacturer (OEM)
- Homologation E11 - Meets ECE
- Quantity: 1 bulb


Comparatif couleur et caractéristiques Alpha Lights Xenon
Comparatif couleur et caractéristiques Alpha Lights Xenon


- Both bulbs must be changed at the same time for reasons of color and lighting.
- During the first 150-200 hours of operation, variation of the color temperature of 300 to 600K
- Produces high voltage. Take precautions for installation

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Customers reviews
There 3 reviews
5/5  by Sebastien A. on 16/01/2019
Fonctionne parfaitement bien.
Couleur blanc naturel , superrrrr
5/5  by Guillaume B. on 17/05/2016
Produit conforme à l'origine
4/5  by anthony m. on 06/02/2015
Emballage et produit qui parraissent de tres bonne qualité tres satisfait bon eclairage.a voir dans le temps pour a duree des ampoules.