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D2S/D2R LED bulbs for Xenon and Bi Xenon headlights



It's a fact that Xenon is becoming obsolete, with many Premium manufacturers opting for LED lighting, which is considered to be significantly more efficient and reliable.

With D2S/D2R LED bulbs, you can now convert your Xenon or Bi-Xenon lighting into a much more modern LED lighting.

Producing Ultra White light, D2S/D2R LED bulbs provide particularly stylish and trendy high-end lighting. Visibility is also flawless, as opposed to Xenon bulbs that require several seconds to reach a brightness of 3200 lumens, the 5000 lumens per D2S/D2R LED bulb are instantaneous.

D2S/D2R LED bulbs must be connected directly to your vehicle's original 12 V wiring harness using (+) and (-) connectors. For this you must remove the original ballasts that are now redundant and use the connection that was used to power them.


- 5,000 Lumens per D2S-D2R lenticular bulb/10,000 lumens for a pair

- Canbus Anti-On-Board Computer Error

- Lighting color: pure White

- 360° beam adjustment

- Materials: Aviation aluminium

- Voltage: 12 V

- Power: 40W

- Operating temperature: -40°C to 300°C

- Cooling: silent fan

- Dimensions: 70.5 x 36 mm


To remove the ballasts, you need to remove the power supply fuses of the xenon lights and/or disconnect the vehicle's battery.

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5/5 by jeanne L. on 02/05/2020
good product