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1. Does it retains the dimming of the lights after installing LEDs?
2. What is an anti-ODB error LED and an ODB error ?

On recent and / or high-end vehicles, on-board computer (ODB) controlling the operation of the bulbs is present. This control consumption bulbs by sending electrical impulses to verify proper operation. A LED has a very low energy consumption, so the electronic system may determine that the bulb is burned out and displays an error message on the odb then the LED operates normally. If the onboard computer (ODB) deems too low power consumption, it can also cut power to the LED, since it considers the bulb burned out.

Therefore, for models equipped with an onboard computer (ODB) checking the operation of the bulbs, you must order a free error ODB LEDs model.

Also make sure that the model you ordered is not in the "list of inconsistent vehicles," whose link is at the bottom of the product page:

3. What is the residual current?
4. How about the power and the base type of a headlight bulb?
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