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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I get an error on the computer board despite buying led ODB without error. Why?
2. My LEDs flash and / or turn off after a few seconds. Why?
3. I have not received my pilot or my pack pack my plate with luxury pack. Why?

When buying a pack or a pilot plate pack more of a luxury pack (for the same vehicle), all packs are grouped in the luxury pack. This is why you should have received a package named:

Luxury Pack + pilot


Luxury Pack + plate


Luxury Pack + pilot + plate

4. My order seems incomplete at the reception. What to do?
5. After installing my leds, some are slightly lit after sunset. Why?
6. One of my products no longer works. How to solve this problem?
7. I have problems installing my equipment on my vehicle, or one problem after installation. What to do?
8. Order update / modification