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H7 LED bulbs for lenticular headlights


Presentation of the pack

These LED bulbs H7 have been developed specifically to convert the lighting of vehicles equipped with lenticular headlights into LED. Lenticular lights are in fact headlights that are each equipped with a lens/magnifying glass to prevent light scattering and obtain a highly concentrated beam. Therefore, they are very different from conventional headlights with parabolic reflectors.

Specifically designed for lenticular headlights, these LED bulbs H7 have been developed to meet the technical constraints of this type of optic. In particular through the design of the bulb's body with its distinctive bevelled shape and the specific position of the puces LED on it.

Ultra-powerful with a luminous flux of 5000 Lumens per bulb and a 6000K temperature, these LED H7 can be very easily installed on your low beam headlights, main beam headlights and fog lights equipped with lenses.

By chosing special lenticular headlight LED bulbs H7, you can be sure to have no shadow areas, unlike Others models of LED bulbs H7 that have not been developed for this type of headlight.

Top-of-the-range LED bulbs guaranteed for 5 years.


- 5000 Lumens per H7 lenticular LED bulb /10,000 lumens for a pair

- Canbus Anti-On-Board Computer Error

- Lighting color: pure white

- 360° beam adjustment

- Materials: Aviation aluminium

- Voltage: 12 V

- Power: 40W

- Operating temperature: -40°C to 300°C

- CE standards

- Cooling: silent fan
- Dimensions: 70.5 x 36 mm


The Ampoules H7 LED pour phares lenticulaires must not be used in conventional headlights that are not equipped with lenses/magnifying glasses.

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Note: 4.9 ( 7 review )

Customer reviews
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5/5 by Olaf S. on 16/09/2020
Mega light with a perfect chiaroscuro zone👍🏼
4/5 by JOHANN L. on 01/09/2020
Good quality
5/5 by Rémy C. on 18/08/2020
5/5 by Anthony G. on 12/08/2020
Excellent perfect
5/5 by Sebastien P. on 19/05/2020
Compliant and I see the difference in lighting