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Instrument panel LED kit for Seat Ibiza 99-01 (6K2)



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Manual with assembly instructions

Back-lit kit for Meter + Console + Window lifter + Control - blue for Seat Ibiza 2000

Installation time: 4.5 hours

Presentation of the kit

The instrument panel on Seat Ibiza 2000 is back-lit by SMD LEDs.

These LEDs are red on your instrument panel.

We offer a kit to change these red LEDs with colour LEDs of the same type -(Blue, Red, White, Green).

These LEDs must be soldered in the place of the original leds.

These LEDs are the same as those of your instrument panel, except for the color.

High quality LEDs

- Very low electric power consumption due to excellent performance

- Very long service life (approximately 40 years).

- Very low voltage operation, guaranteeing safety

- They barely heat up

Assembly PDF included:

To help you dismantle your meter and install these LEDs, the kit also contains a PDF containing photos and explanations for installation on Ibiza 2000.

Explanations: Meter unit dismantling, meter dismantling, console dismantling, button dismantling, soldering.

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