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LED headlight for Honda VTX 1300 - Round motorcycle optics approved

Ref: HEADMVTX13014055WH


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LED Headlight
 5 years warranty !

- Composed of high performance CREE LED chips.
- Lighting : 2 lenticular projectors and 4 lateral diffusers.
- Luminous flux : 3200 lumens.
- Consumption : 40W.

LED headlight optics for Honda VTX 1300 , high performance pure white lighting, approved on open road. 5 years Warranty.


Discover the pleasure of riding at night on the handlebar of your Honda VTX 1300 thanks to our range of Full LED optics compatible with your round motorcycle headlight . Switch to a powerful pure white lighting, allowing you to apprehend turns and moving parts in complete safety. During the day you will also be more visible by other road users.

In addition to bringing you a significant gain of safety at night and day, the LED headlight optics will transcend the look of your Honda . With or without daytime running lights, you have the choice between two finishes:

- a black finish gives a much more modern and sporty look to your bike.

- a classic chrome finish, which will give your 1300, a neo-retro look very trendy now.

Characteristics :

- Composed of high performance LED chips from the American brand CREE , whose reputation is second to none, pledge of quality and reliability.

- Color temperature: 5500K for a perfectly "Pure White" lighting.

- The light is diffused by 2 lenticular projectors as well as by lateral diffusers in order to remove any shadow zone.

- Unlike halogen bulbs optics / LED headlights for Honda VTX 1300 resists perfectly vibrations and roughness of the road, no bad surprise of light bulb that grate following a passage in "a pothole" for example.

- IP 67: Perfectly waterproof and dustproof.

- Its power consumption less than a halogen bulb but with much better performance, will preserve your battery.

- The body of the LED optics is made of aluminum for a perfect diffusion of the heat and thus an optimal cooling.

- Operating voltage: 12-30V

- Plug and play thanks to its H4 connection


Be careful, do not confuse our optics / LED headlights with some low-end replicas that can be found on the web.

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we guarantee 5 years our optics / LED headlights for Honda VTX 1300!

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