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Original Xenon bulb for Subaru Forester II

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This collection of original Xenon bulbs has been specially designed in order to adapt perfectly to your Subaru Forester II equipped with original Xenon headlights. In actual fact, there are several models of Xenon bulbs on the market, and choosing can quickly become a tedious and complex task.

You may wish to replace one or more Xenon bulbs for various reasons: an ageing bulb can show signs of weakness or may stop working completely, however, you might also wish to personalise the lights on your Subaru Forester II by changing the colour temperature (5000K, 6000K, ...).

By choosing from the products that we have picked out for you, you can be assured that you are going for a high-quality Xenon bulb model, that will be perfectly suited for your Subaru Forester II.


- LedPerf D-Series: ECE-approved, 5-year warranty, davailable in 4300K, 5000K and 6000K. Excellent value for money

- Osram Xenarc Original: ECE-approved, 4-year warranty, 4150K. The original bulb model installed by several car manufacturers.

- Osram Cool Blue Intense: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 6000K. Great looks and highly effective.

- Osram Night Breaker Laser: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4500K. Osram's most powerful Xenon bulb.

- Osram Utra Life: ECE-approved, 10-year warranty, 4300K. The champion when it comes to longevity.

- Osram Cool Blue Boost: Non-ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 7000K. Unique style, hyper-blue light.

- Philips Xenon Vision: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4400K Original equipment in millions of vehicles.

- Philips Xenon X-tremeVision: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4800K. Up to 50% more light for enhanced visibility.


All of the Xenon bulbs for Subaru Forester II are sold individually, with the exception of the Osram Cool Blue Boost, which are sold in pairs.

Order now!
Shipped today before 15:00
  • Price:£17.91
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded