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Original Xenon bulb for Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2

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This collection of original Xenon bulbs has been specially designed in order to adapt perfectly to your Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2 equipped with original Xenon headlights. In actual fact, there are several models of Xenon bulbs on the market, and choosing can quickly become a tedious and complex task.

You may wish to replace one or more Xenon bulbs for various reasons: an ageing bulb can show signs of weakness or may stop working completely, however, you might also wish to personalise the lights on your Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2 by changing the colour temperature (5000K, 6000K, ...).

By choosing from the products that we have picked out for you, you can be assured that you are going for a high-quality Xenon bulb model, that will be perfectly suited for your Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2.


- LedPerf D-Series: ECE-approved, 5-year warranty, davailable in 4300K, 5000K and 6000K. Excellent value for money

- Osram Xenarc Original: ECE-approved, 4-year warranty, 4150K. The original bulb model installed by several car manufacturers.

- Osram Cool Blue Intense: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 6000K. Great looks and highly effective.

- Osram Night Breaker Laser: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4500K. Osram's most powerful Xenon bulb.

- Osram Utra Life: ECE-approved, 10-year warranty, 4300K. The champion when it comes to longevity.

- Osram Cool Blue Boost: Non-ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 7000K. Unique style, hyper-blue light.

- Philips Xenon Vision: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4400K Original equipment in millions of vehicles.

- Philips Xenon X-tremeVision: ECE-approved, 2-year warranty, 4800K. Up to 50% more light for enhanced visibility.


All of the Xenon bulbs for Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2 are sold individually, with the exception of the Osram Cool Blue Boost, which are sold in pairs.

  • Price:£22.41
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded