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Pack LED (6000K pure white) rear license plate Skoda Fabia 2 Facelift



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- Complete Module
- External Resistance
- Maximum intensity (18 LEDs)
- 6000K Color

Pack of 2 LEDs modules (pure white) no onboard computer error (built-in resistor) for license plate Skoda Fabia 2 Facelift

Installation Time: 0:20

Pack overview

With this package, change your original "white/yellow" bulbs, and choose pure white and its elegance!

This pack of two modules (pure white) for Skoda Fabia 2 Facelift allows you to get a pure white light on the license plate of your Fabia, to give it a modern look, without any OBC error.

Change is plug and play, ie there is no welding to do. Simply put the LED module to replace the original bulb holder.

- 2 full intensity LED modules


- No error message on the on-board computer Skoda Fabia 2 Facelift

- Built-in resistor 5W

- High power lighting

- Light Xenon effect

High quality leds

- Very low power consumption due to a very good performance

- A very long life

- A low voltage operation, to ensure safety

- They virtually no heat


Here is how to differentiate a non-facelift Fabia 2 of a Fabia 2 facelift:

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Warning: led, like all high-power light sources can damage the eye. It is advisable not to apply its light directly into the eye for an extended period.