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Backup LED light pack (white 6000K) for Renault Clio 2

  • Price:£16.02
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Note: 5.0 ( 8 review )


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Backup LED light pack (pure white) for Renault Clio 2

Installation time: 0H20

Presentation of the pack

With this pack you can change your original "white/yellow" bulbs, and choose the pure white and its simplicity!

This LED pack (pure white) for Renault Clio 2 brings pure white to your Renault Clio 2's backup lights giving it an up-to-date look and facilitating your night driving.

The change is standard, i.e. no soldering is needed. Simply place the LEDs in the original brackets in the place of the bulbs.

Pack without any OBC error.

High quality LEDs

- Very low electric power consumption due to excellent performance

- Very long service life

- Very low voltage operation, guaranteeing safety

- They barely heat up

  • Price:£16.02
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded
Note: 5.0 ( 8 review )

N.B. like all high-power light sources, LED lights can damage the eye. You are advised not to apply its light beam directly in the eye for an extended period of time.

Customer reviews
There is 8 review - 2 pages
5/5 by Franck L. on 07/24/2021
Very well
5/5 by Kevin C. on 02/05/2020
it works perfectly on my vehicle, the LED lighting is surprising! the top I recommend without hesitation :)
5/5 by Gauthier R. on 06/25/2019
I am fully satisfied, the lights are very bright and do not dazzle.
Assembly as simple as with a conventional bulb.
5/5 by Clement B. on 08/27/2018
Very good intensity
5/5 by Sebastien M. on 02/22/2018
really better light the at least I see it