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Pack of 2 bulbs H1 Philips BlueVision Ultra


Pack of 2 halogen headlight bulbs Philips BlueVision Ultra - H1 - 55W


Pack overview

Main-beam, dipped-beam or fog-lamp headlight bluish white for an enhanced Xenon effect, generating more light compared to standard lamp.

- High Quality
- No OBC error
- No changes necessary, change is plug and play

- UV Treatment
- Up to 30% more light on the road.

- Ultimate Xenon Effect: a white light on the road and more blue in the lighthouse

- A new blend of technology:

New gas composition and pressure increased Quartz glass with improved optical properties Exclusive blue effect: Exclusive Gradient Coating Technology

You have any doubt about the bulbs of your car? Click here to know the model of bulbs which composes your headlights. Select the type of lights (low beam, high beam or fog headlight), and choose the model of your car. You can then select on our website the corresponding model. Make still the usual checks before ordering (more information here).

Also check out our comparison between different brands of light bulbs we offer to help you in your choice. It is available here .

Manfuacturers data

Sold in pairs
Power: 55w
Color: White

Rate : 4.7 ( 7 ratings )

Customers reviews
There 7 reviews - 2 pages
5/5  by JULIEN G. on 11/08/2016
Très bon produit
5/5  by Ted P. on 02/02/2016
5/5  by CHRISTOPHE C. on 26/12/2015
Parfait qualité du produit, éclairage superbe et efficace
4/5  by ermir K. on 02/12/2015
Bonne ampoules !
5/5  by mikael i. on 28/02/2015