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Pack of 2 Bulbs HB4 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited


Pack overview

Halogen lamp for more light, visibility and security.

The range of NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED sets a new standard in terms of performance. Up to 110% more light, a cone of light up to 40m long, and a light up to 20% whiter compared to standard halogen lamps, a pre-requisite for while driving Security and relaxing. With its enhanced features UNLIMITED NIGHT BREAKER lamps provide better visibility of the road and a better response time. All drivers wishing to avoid the rigors of the road.

Product advantages:

- Beam up to 40 m long
- Up to 20% whiter light
- Drivers detect much earlier obstacles and dangerous situations
- Optimum light for a time of increased reaction
- The patented blue ring coating to reduce reflected glare
- High Quality
- No error ODB
- No changes necessary, change is standard
- UV Treatment

Fields of application:
- Projector

Manfuacturers data

- Color temperature: 3900K
- High luminous flux
- Modern Design
- Sold in pairs
- Power: H7 55W - H4 60/55W - H1 55W - H3 55W - For other models, see the description of range.
- ECE Approved
- Description of range

You have any doubt about bulbs take for your vehicle? Click here to get the model that consists of bulbs your headlights. Select the type of lights (headlights, high beam or fog), and choose the model of your vehicle. You can then choose our correspondent model. Nonetheless made ​​the usual checks before ordering ( more information here ).

Also check out our comparison between different brands of light bulbs we offer to help you in your choice. It is available here .

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Customers reviews
There 3 reviews
5/5  by Johann G. on 04/11/2017
Éclairage puissant, très blanc. A nettement amélioré la qualité de leclairage.
5/5  by Gael C. on 13/11/2015
5/5  by christian s. on 01/09/2015
Contact parfait dans le support d'ampoule, éclairage plus blanc, Installation sur feu antibrouillard avant.