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Rear LED Turn Signal pack for Seat Ibiza 6K2

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Rear Turn Signal LED pack for Seat Ibiza 6K2

With this rear led turn signal pack, get a much cleaner and more modern flashing for your Seat Ibiza 6K2 .

By replacing your original bulbs with LED indicator bulbs for Seat Ibiza 6K2, you remove unsightly orange reflections in your headlights when the indicators are off, obtaining a more discreet and modern look for your Seat Ibiza 6K2.

Benefits for your Seat Ibiza 6K2:

- Much sharper flashing

- Removes unsightly orange reflections when your turn signals are off

- More visibility therefore more safety

- Modern and efficient rendering

- Quick and easy to change.

- High-power LEDs

Video used as an example, illustrating the rendering:

  • Price:£34.11
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded

N.B. like all high-power light sources, LED lights can damage the eye. You are advised not to apply its light beam directly in the eye for an extended period of time.