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Standard 1 metre flexible strip of (60 leds SMD) red

Ref : BD60TLRG

Flexible strip with 60 LEDs (12 V built-in resistor) 1 metre


Extremely easy to connect. The red wire must be connected to a 12 V source, and the black wire to the earth.

Enables you to create red atmospheric lighting in your car, in locations where a rigid neon cannot be placed.

As the strip is flexible, it adapts to the shape of any accessory or nook and cranny of your car.

Optimum brightness diffusion.

Possibility of shortening the strip every 5 cm or possibility of attaching others strips to extend it.


Beam angle: 120°

Wavelength: 625 nm

Voltage: 12 V

Colour: Red

Length: 1 metre

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Note: 5.0 ( 4 review )

Customer reviews
There is 4 review
5/5 by herve b. on 30/07/2020
Ditto very satisfied, quality led!
5/5 by philippe l. on 14/12/2019
Very satisfied
5/5 by julien l. on 15/09/2015
beautiful lighting, it serves me of lights on rear window Peugeot 208 (pretty)
5/5 by Maurice F. on 30/08/2014
perfect what I expected