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Payment and shipping

Method of payment

For customers who do not live in France, it is possible to pay by credit card, bank transfer, paypal transfer and v.me by Visa.
For customers living in France, it is possible to pay by credit card, bank transfer, money order, Paypal transfer, and v.me by Visa.

Delivery Method

For countries of the European Union, shipments are made in "Export 3J Europe " or "Colissimo international". For Belgium, it is also possible to be delivered in relay point.
For orders to other parts of the world, the shipments are made in "Colissimo international" or "Export 3J International".
For France, shipments available are "lettre suivie", "Colissimo", relay point (So Colissimo) and Chronopost 13.

For unregistered mailings (lettre suivie, Colissimo unsigned, export suivi), computer monitoring prevail. For registered mail, the recipient's signature prevail.

Delivery is to the address specified by the customer when placing the order. It will be made by post or carrier. It can only occur once the customer approved and payment made in full control. The payment centers possibly involved having given their prior agreement to pay. In case of refusal, the order will be canceled.

Moreover, LedPerf reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom is involved in litigation.


- For France, the shipping is free above 50 euros ttc purchases. Below, the fare varies between 2.90E and 9.90E by weight and volume of the order.

- For Overseas, the price varies between 4.50E and 17.90E, and

- The European Union and Switzerland priced between 4.90E and 19.90E.

To know the exact price of delivery of your order, simply make a simulation directly on the site by adding products to your cart.


If an item is in stock, shipping time is 2 business days.

If out of stock, the replenishment lead time is about one week. The delivery will begin only from the date of payment for the order.

In case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances (natural disasters, riots, strikes Poste, heavy snowfall, etc.). Delaying or prohibiting the delivery of goods, LedPerf is relieved of any responsibility. In all cases, delivery on time can only occur if the customer is current on its obligations LedPerf.

The client must always be checked upon delivery the condition of the package and, in case of damage or missing item, specify its reservations on the delivery. The customer must also confirm in the next three days delivery, mail or email to LedPerf by registered mail addressed to the AR carrier itself.


All orders are checked before dispatch, control focuses on the proper functioning of the products and quantities ordered. By signing the delivery, the customer accepts the goods delivered in the state and therefore no claim for damage suffered during transport will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the customer to carry out checks and make any reservations to the arrival of equipment and exercise, if any, all claims against the carrier.

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must immediately verify their compliance with the contract. All claims for defective goods delivered to an error in quantities or incorrect in relation to the confirmed LedPerf order reference should be made by email immediatly upon receipt of goods, otherwise the right to claim cease to exist.

For unregistered (letter max, Colissimo unsigned, export 3J) mailings, computer monitoring is faith, and therefore, no claim will be considered if the computer tracking confirms delivery of the shipment.

Any return of goods requires the prior consent of LedPerf. Failing agreement, all merchandise will be held at the disposal of the customer's expense and risk, cost of transport, storage, handling is the responsibility of the customer. In all cases, the return of goods is at the expense and risk of the customer.