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5W Module Anti OBC error message Plug & Play W5W


5W module to prevent the error messages from the onboard computer after changing the bulbs with LEDs - Base W5W

How to use

Some recent high-end cars, receive any error messages from the onboard computer (OBC) following the change of the original bulbs with LEDs.

Indeed, LEDs consume much less than the bulbs, OBC considers that the bulb is burned out, so you sent a message stating that it needs to be changed while the LED light perfectly.

To solve this problem, simply place the module (without cutting son). This simulates a resistor similar to a light bulb consumption, and thus solves the problem of error.


- Night, plate light

Base: W5W

Value: 39ohms
Consumption at 12V : 3.7W

Attach the resistance on a metallic point, distant of plastic parts.
Do not touch the heating element once it is in place, the risk of burns.

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Warning: led, like all high-power light sources can damage the eye. It is advisable not to apply its light directly into the eye for an extended period.

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5/5  by Erwin M. on 08/04/2020
Great product! Do what it's supposed to ...
5/5  by Luzius A. on 14/01/2020
Works flawlessly. Already successfully in use ...!
5/5  by Nicolas F. on 25/12/2019
5/5  by Quentin B. on 19/03/2019
Do his taf as mentioned in this description.
5/5  by steven l. on 18/01/2018
great product according to the description I am satisfied