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HB3 9005 Xenon HID conversion Kits - 35W and 55W

HB3 9005 Xenon HID conversion Kits - 35W and 55W

All our HB3 9005 Xenon kits 35W and 55W will allow you to get a 3 times more powerful lighting than your original H1 bulbs.

The HB3 9005 Xenon kits Slim, Slim Canbus Pro, Extra slim Canbus Pro or Slim fast start fits with all cars or motorcycles equipped with HB3 9005 bulbs.

Our HB3 9005 HID conversion Kits are composed of high quality Xenon bulbs available in four color temperatures at choice: 4300k, 5000k, 6000k and 8000k.

Choose your HB3 9005 Xenon Kit below and let yourself be guided.