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Meter LED kit for Citroen C5



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Manual with assembly instructions

Installation time: 2 h 30 mins

Presentation of the kit

C5 meters are backlit using small SMD LEDs.

These LEDs are green on your meter.

We offer a kit to change these green LEDs with colour LEDs of the same type -(Blue, Red, White, Green).

The kit therefore contains LEDsto be soldered on your meter, in place of the original ones.

These LEDs are exactly the same as those of your meter, except for the color.

High quality LEDs

- Very low electric power consumption due to excellent performance

- Very long service life (approximately 40 years).

- Very low voltage operation, guaranteeing safety

- They barely heat up

Assembly PDF included:

To help you dismantle your meter and install these LEDs, the kit also contains a PDF containing photos and explanations for installation on C5.

Explanations: Meter unit dismantling, meter dismantling, soldering.

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