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Pack Xenon Effects headlight bulbs for Citroen DS3



You can modify the configuration below your package according to your needs. The price will automatically change depending on the options selected. 
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For off-road use only - Do not use on public road
PDF with installation instructions

How to choose the brand of your bulbs?

Our advice depending on what you are looking for:

- Good appearance / lighting:
MTEC Super White / Michiba Diamond White / Osram Cool Blue Intense

- Appearance:
MTEC Cosmos Blue / Osram Cool Blue Hyper - (Non homologués)

- High performance:
Philips X-treme Vision +130% / Osram Night Breaker Unlimited / Osram Night Breaker Laser + 150%

- High performance and look:
High power led conversion kit.

Characteristics of the different models:

New: High Performance LED conversion Kit
- Powerful and modern lighting
- Pure white 5500K
- 5 Year Warranty and Free Shipping

MTEC Super White
- Perfectly white lighting
- Road legal (unless otherwise stated on the product page)
- Good quality / Appearance
- Ideal with 5000K to 6000K sidelights

MTEC Cosmos Blue
- White Xenon Lighting
- Off-road use only
- Low Performance
- Ideal with 5500K to 6500K sidelights

Philips WhiteVision
- Good performance
- Road legal
- Lighting 4300K (neutral white)
- Ideal with 4000K sidelights

Philips X-treme Vision +130%
- The best performance on the market (+ 130%)
- Road legal
- Lighting 3700K (white)
- Ideal with 4000K sidelights

Michiba Diamond White
- White light
- Road legal (unless otherwise stated on the product page)
- Good quality / appearance / price
- Ideal with 5000K to 6000K sidelights

Osram Cool Blue Boost
- White Xenon Lighting
- Off-road use only
- Average performance
- Ideal with 5000K to 6500K sidelights

Osram Cool Blue Intense
- Good performance
- Road legal
- Lighting 4200K (neutral white)
- Ideal with 4000K sidelights

Osram NightBreaker Unlimited
- Excellent performance (+ 110%)
- Road legal
- Lighting 4000K (white)
- Ideal with 4000K sidelights

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser + 150%
- The best performance of the market (+ 150%)
- Approved
- Lighting 3700K (white)
- Ideal with night lights 4000K

Pack overview

These bulbs Xenon Effect for Citroen DS3 allows you to get a white light, instead of standard bulbs that provide a white/yellow light.

This improves the look of your car, and your night visibility.


- Easy Installation, similar to halogen bulbs
- Reliability
- White Color
- Improved visibility at night (signs, markings ...)
- Meets ECE European standard, unless otherwise indicated on the right
- No OBC Error
- Contains bulbs for both sides


For a perfect color homogeneity of your white xenon light, it is advisable to change all the bulbs that light up the front of your car (low beam, high beam, fog lights, sidelights to LEDs )

Instruction PDF included

To assist you in installing these LEDs bulbs, the pack contains a PDF with pictures and explanations for installation on Citroen DS3.

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  • Custom instructions
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Customers reviews
There 32 reviews - 7 pages
5/5  by Romain L. on 10/12/2019
Very nice renderings and very easy to assemble
4/5  by Manuel A. on 01/03/2019
Lighting Well, quality to see in time
5/5  by franck f. on 07/02/2019
Very good quality
5/5  by Louis M. on 19/12/2018
Very good product
4/5  by Doris B. on 02/11/2018