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Pack Xenon Effects headlight bulbs for Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013)



You can modify the configuration below your package according to your needs. The price will automatically change depending on the options selected. 
Low-Beam and High-Beam Click to remove >>>

How to choose the brand of your bulbs?

Our advice depending on what you are looking for:

- Good aesthetic / lighting ratio:
MTEC Super White / Michiba Diamond White / Osram X-Racer

- High performance :
OSRAM Night Breaker Laser + 130% / Osram Night Breaker Unlimited + 110%

- High performance and aesthetics:
LED High Power Kit

Characteristics of different models:

New: Kit High Power LED
- powerful and modern lighting
- Pure white 5500k
- 5 year warranty and Free delivery!

MTEC Super White
- perfectly white lighting
- Approved (unless otherwise stated to top)
- Good quality / aesthetic
- Ideal with night lights between 5000K and 6000K

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser + 130%
- The best performance of the market (+ 130%)
- Approved
- Lighting 3700K (white)
- Ideal with night lights 4000K

Michiba Diamond White
- White Light
- Approved (unless otherwise stated to top)
- Good quality / aesthetic / price
- Ideal with night lights between 5000K and 6000K

Osram X-Racer
- Good performance
- Approved
- Lighting 4200K (neutral white)
- Ideal with night lights 4000K

Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited
- Excellent performance (+ 110%)
- Approved
- Lighting 4000K (white)
- Ideal with night lights 4000K

 Pack Bulbs Xenon effect for Motorcycle Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013)

Pack overview

These bulbs Xenon Effect for Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013) allows you to get a white light, instead of standard bulbs that provide a white/yellow light.

This improves the look of your Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013), and your night visibility.
During the day you are more noticeable on the handlebars of your Motorcycle by the other road users wich represents a safety gain.


- Easy Installation, similar to original halogen bulbs 
- White Color
- Modern and sport look four your Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013)
- Improved visibility at night (signs, markings ...)
- Your Motorcycle is more noticeable during the day
- Reliability, vibration resists, perfectly adapted four Motorcycle use
- Meets ECE European standard, unless otherwise indicated on the right 
- No OBC Error


- For a perfect color homogeneity of your white xenon light, it is advisable to change all the bulbs that light up the front of your Honda Hornet 600 (2011 - 2013) (low beam, high beam,sidelights to LEDs )

- The sidelights (pilot) are buying more

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5/5  by michael d. on06/12/2018
  • - Low-Beam and High-Beam  (MTEC Maruta Super White)
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well packed,rapid delivery,
5/5  by Cyril m. on09/06/2017
RAS It works and it's beautiful