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T10 Led Motion - White - Light side - No dash error W5W


Led bulb T10 Motion - White - Anti-board computer error - W5W - Resistor anti integrated error - Xenon Effect

How to use

Some recent and high-end cars (latest model BMW, AUDI, VW) have an electronic system verifying the proper operation of the car bulbs. This system can cause errors in the onboard computer (Odb) with a standard LED. Indeed, having led a very low energy consumption, the electronic system determines that the bulb is burned out (even though it is not) and displays an error message on the odb.

The LED Motion T10 has been specifically designed to avoid the on-board computer and avoid surges errors, while providing an excellent quality of pure white light.


- Ceiling

- License plate


- No error message on the computer board luxury cars (anti-chip integrated OBC error)

- Light only one side

- Residual current anti-Function

- Leverage with 3 LEDs SMD multichips that make up the bulb

- Xenon Light Effect


Viewing Angle: 180 °
Voltage: 12V
Color: White xenon
Width: 10mm
Length: 27mm
Color temperature: 6000K (pure white)
Consumption: 2.8W

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Important: Refer to the list of known product incompatibilities.

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Warning: led, like all high-power light sources can damage the eye. It is advisable not to apply its light directly into the eye for an extended period.

Customers reviews
There 104 reviews - 21 pages
5/5  by Thierry B. on 28/01/2020
Very well
5/5  by Vincent R. on 14/12/2019
Very quick installation. Product conforms to the order
5/5  by Jérôme B. on 27/08/2019
Very good.
5/5  by Michel L. on 17/07/2019
Super for ceiling, trunk and license plate. ( Renault )
5/5  by Michel D. on 03/07/2019
Greatly improves the lighting of the trunk.