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H7 LED Bulb Ventilated


H7 LED Bulb Ventilated Special Motorcycle and Scooter - Pure White Lighting - 4000 Lumens / 8000 Lumens the pair. Sold individually

Pack overview

This H7 LED bulb ventilated equipped with LED COB, integrates all the electronic components necessary for its operation in the body of the bulb, so there is no ballast or any other additional box, it is the " All in one " technology .
This design makes it particularly easy to install the ventilated H7 LED bulb on your motorcycle or scooter. You will therefore be able to convert your halogen lighting into LED. You will get a clean, modern and particularly effective white.

Made of high performance COB LEDs, this " All in one "H7 LED bulb is perfectly suited for use in low beam and high beam headlamps.

No change to your headlights is necessary, the H7 LED bulb is 100% Plug and Play and just comes as a replacement for your original H7 bulb.

The installation of this H7 LED bulb is particularly easy thanks to the removable fixing ring.


- 4000 Lumens for a H7 / 8000 Lumens pair bulb
- 2 COB leds per H7 bulb
- Illumination Color: Pure White
- Materials: Aluminum aviation
- Intensity 12V
- Operating temperature: - 40 ° C to 300 ° C
- CE standards
- Cooling: Silent fan
- Lifetime: 10 times higher than a conventional H7 bulb
- Consumption: 3 times less than a H7 halogen bulb
- Dimensions: 85 X 35 mm

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Customer reviews
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5/5 by Tom O. on 30/05/2020
Best there is
5/5 by Jean-Émile N. on 13/12/2018
Super product
5/5 by thierry c. on 09/07/2018
very good advice upstream, good product for now