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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Order Tracking
1. How to follow the progress of my order on the website?

Tracking information of your orders are available directly on your account here:

Order History

Log in and click the "Show" button to see the command you want to track:

Then, in the "Order History", see the different treatment stages of your order:

Once the order is shipped, you can track your shipment on the carrier's website by clicking on the tracking number that is in the "Tracking # command" column:

Please note that the data follow in our carrier is only available within 24 hours after shipment.

You will automatically receive an email with tracking information of the shipment once the order is shipped.

Here is the correspondence of each status:

Status Correspondence
Pending Payment Your payment is pending and will be confirmed upon receipt thereof
Payment is confirmed Your payment is received and your order will be processed within 24 hours worked
In preparation Your order has been prepared and will be shipped the same day if this status appears before 3pm
Postage being Your order has been prepared and will be shipped the same day if this status appears before 3pm
Shipped Your order has been given to our carrier and you can get the tracking number from your order history on your account
2. I live outside of France, and tracking my order is "Deposit". Why?
2. Shipping, delivery time and delivery
3. The payment of an order
4. Billing
5. Questions and tips before ordering
6. Technical Issues
7. The after-sales service
8. Order update / modification