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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I would like to order headlight bulbs (H1, H7 etc ...), but I do not know which brand to choose. What is your advice?
2. What are the models that I use for my lights, low beam, high beam, fog (etc.)?

To know the different styles that make up your bulbs lighting (lights, headlights, fog or road), it is best to consult this information directly in your manual, and also on this websites:

Philips Tool - Cliquez ici
Osram Lighting Tool - Cliquez ici

You can then validate the information by your dealer if necessary, and order the corresponding LEDs on our site here:

Bulbs Xenon Effect

Regarding the choice between different brands, you can check this:


Reminder :

The sidelights, also known as pilot lights, allow to be seen by other users, but do not see better. They must be turned on as soon as the brightness declines slightly, in addition to low beam. However, in the city, use only the sidelights is permitted if visibility is sufficient.

The low beam allow to be seen by other users, but also to better see the road. These are lights that you primarily use the night to see the road.

The hi beam are used only at night out of town. They must be disabled when you meet other vehicles.

Daytime running lights, also known as DRL, used to be seen by other users at day. They are required on vehicles in circulation since 2011. They will automatically turn off when switching sidelights.

The  front fog lamps are used in addition  to or instead of low beam in case of heavy rain, snow or fog.

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