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1. I would like to order headlight bulbs (H1, H7, etc.) but I don't know which brand to select. What advice do you offer?
2. Which models should I use for my sidelight bulbs, low-beam headlights, main-beam headlights and fog lights, etc.?

To find out the various models of bulbs for your lighting (sidelight bulbs, low-beam headlights, main-beam lights or even fog lights), the best thing to do is consult this information in your manual and also on the following websites:

Philips tool - Click here
Lamp replacement tool - Click here

You can then confirm this information with your dealer to be on the safe side, or check directly on the vehicle, and order the corresponding products on our website here:


You can consult the choice between the various brands here:


As a reminder:

Sidelight bulbs mean you can be seen by other road users, but they don't give you better vision. They must be switched on when daylights starts to fall, in addition to the low-beam headlights. However, in town, it is permitted to use sidelight bulbs only if there is sufficient visibility.

Low-beam headlights mean you can be seen by other road users and also help you see the road better. These are the lights use use mainly at night-time to see the road.

Main-beam headlights are only used at night, out of built-up areas. They must be deactivated when you meet other vehicles.

Daytime running lights (DRL) mean you can be seen by oter road users in the daytime. They are mandatory on all new vehicles registered since 2011. They switch off automatically when you switch on your sidelight bulbs.

Front fog lights, are used in addition to or instead of low-beam headlights in heavy rain, snowfall or fog.

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